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10 Indian Childhood games at the Verge of End.

childhood games

10 Indian Childhood games at the Verge of End. Let’s introduce them once again to our new generation before they lost forever.

The world has been changed in all aspects of our life. The world of 80s and 90s were very different as of today’s world. Wireless phones, Computers, Remote Control Devices and New operating systems in mobile phones brought a lot of changes. So the childhood games which were popular in India in 1980s and 1990s are also going to end soon if the age group of 40 to 50s will not help them in their revival.

Today almost every kid’s first choice is to play games on Computer and on Mobile which is not only keeping them away from the physical activities in fact keeping their health on risk at the early age. We know the harmful effect of mobile phone’s radiation and effect of regular use of mobiles on our eyes.

Our Childhood games were Pithu, Kho-Kho, Chupan Chupai, Gulli Danda, Kancha, Batti, Langdi Tang, Carrom including football and Cricket. Among all these We have beaten up a lot for Gulli Danda and Kancha. Parents kept scolding us to come home on time and hardly allowed us to play more games on the field. Below picture is a fine example of it.

childhood games

1990 vs 2019

Let’s share those childhood games with our kids as we all are concerned for our kids health.

1. Chuppan Chuppai or Hide and Seek

childhood game of 1980s

Chuppan Chuppai is one of the most popular game in India. It still exists in some part of India. One child closes his eyes and start counting in between 10 to 20 meanwhile other children hide themselves around. Now child tries to find the hidden players.

2. Langdi Tang

It is played under a court. One team sends a player to another’s court. The game is almost like kabaddi where you have to touch opposing players while hopping on one foot. Defenders do not try to catch Langdi player they only keep saving themselves from his touch. Defenders try to make him tired with his hopping up. The team which touches the most defenders wins the game.

3. Kho kho

We play kho kho with 9 players in each team. It is a type of run and chase game. The chasing team sit in a straight line with alternate players facing opposite sides. Runner team sends one of his player to run around the court. The chasers have to catch the runner before the time runs out.

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4. Pithu

 This game was very common. We use to make a ball at home by stitching our old clothes and use to keep flat stone in a pile. We divide ourselves in two teams. One member of a team throws the ball at the pile of stones(for hitting, team gets three chances). Once stone get scatterd then the team tries to restore the pile of stones while the opposing team hit the ball on the players. A player gets out if the ball hits him anywhere on his body. 

5. Kancha

Kancha used to play in many ways. Some make a circle and keep marbles inside the circle and then strike them with the marble striker has. Player has to strike one by one without touching other marble, is it not a challenge in itself? Some plays with using a small hole on the ground and trying to strike marbles after that. Parents really did not like this game. Reason???? It is still plays in the rural parts of India.

6. Gilli Danda

The game is played with the small and a large piece of wood. Small piece is called Gilli and large piece is called Danda. Danda is used to hit the gilli. The main aim of the game is to hit the gilli as far as possible.

7. Batti

It is a game which is completely gone. Children used to play with the pebbles or small stone almost round in shape. Mostly played with the one hand. Player throws one batti in the air meanwhile he picks up another batti from the floor and also has to catch the batti which he threw in the air.  We used to call it BATTI. May be it has some other name in other parts of India.

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8. Itchi Dutchi or Stapoo

It was the famous game amongst girls. They make some rectangle type of boxes and used to write numbers on them. Apart from the court a small stone or an object is used for  the game. Player throws stone into the boxes and then hop or jump through the spaces on one or two legs to retrieve the stone.

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9. Chor Sipahi

Chor Sipahi game is played either at home using paper and a notebook for writing the score or at backyard like a police and a thief. It is played among four players. We write King, Minister, Police and thief in four pieces and fold them. Players have to pick one piece of paper and they get points according to their picks.


It is still plays in many parts of India, specially in West Bengal and Maharastra. We only need a board and carrom coins. It can be played between two to four players. One of the best family game by late 90s. We have seen people loosing their interest in playing carrom too day by day.

We all know technology has given us a lot but also taken back a lot. All these games can be played at home or in courtyard. During the pandemic of COVID 19, tell your kids about all these games and play with them in your home. Spare your time for your kids.

Stay home and Stay Safe

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Comments (8)

  1. Tajbar Singh


    Among themselves we used to play one more game which we call TANGLA
    It was little dangerous in all these games in term of injuries but intresting game like fighting game between tow tea four members of each. All the four members make a Tangla and fight with each other.

  2. Anonymous


    Watta grt … Post sir…😜
    Thnxx for reminding
    Golden days of

  3. Himanshu Thakur


    Very disheartening to see such games are starting to extinct with the advancement in technology. Thanks for reminding us these memories.

  4. Hemant Mehta


    Pankaj – You have very nicely articulated & penned down your thoughts. It’s the harsh reality… Don’t really know, where are we heading. We were fortunate enough to have lived that life & have played those games but now for our children it’s an history.

    • Reply

      Thank you so much for the valuable feedback sir, that is why requested all to do something for the revival of these games.

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