5 Best Cricket Academies in Dehradun

5 best cricket academies in Dehradun

We bring the 5 Best Cricket Academies in Dehradun. The article will provide you the best knowledge before your visit to the Academies.

In this article, we are going to give you an idea of 5 best cricket Academies in Dehradun.

 India is a country where cricket is taken as a religion. In every corner of India, cricket is the most popular game. The first wave of cricket came in India when India won the Cricket World Cup in 1983. The youth of India started falling for cricket. The second wave came with the inception of Sachin Tendulkar. Many young lads took him as his idol and India started producing top-quality batsmen. 

A new opportunity came for Indian cricketers with the beginning of the Indian Premier League in 2008. Now cricketers were able to follow their passion and to make earnings. Apart from domestic cricket, cricketers get a decent amount from IPL team owners. 

Now, most of our young generation are looking at cricket as their career and started taking coachings in their respective cities. Today we are going to talk about the 5 best cricket academies in Dehradun. 


Doon Cricket Academy is situated in Kuwanwala, Haridwar Dehradun road. Distance from the clock tower of Dehradun to Kuwan wala is 13 km. Direction is here.

best cricket academy

best cricket academy

  Doon Cricket Academy has one of the biggest cricket grounds in terms of size. One of the best cricket academies in Dehradun in terms of playground size. Academy has five turfs in the center for matches and they give seven to eight matches per month to their students as part of their academy’s coaching. 

Doon Cricket Academy has two turf and two cement wickets for practicing. Students can do practice twice a day. 

Pitch Curator- Hariram Yadav who has experience of 10 years. He also takes care of all the management of the ground. 

Hostel- Yes

Indoor Nets- No

Registration Fees- 10000(Pair of White and Color dresses is given)

Per month Fees- 4000

For more info- 8433148518 and 8410637568

Tanush Cricket Academy

One more academy of Dehradun with a very good name is Tanush Cricket Academy which is situated at Sighniwala Dehradun. Distance from the clock tower of Dehradun to Sighniwala is 23.5 km. Direction is here. 

Tanush Cricket Academy has a beautiful playground with six turf wickets in the middle for practice matches. Academy has two turf and two cement wickets for net practices. One of the best cricket academies in Dehradun.

Apart from outdoor nets, Academy has indoor nets with two turf and one Astro wicket. Academy also equipped with a bowling machine. Tanush Cricket Academy is one such academy of Dehradun where you can play night matches also. Students play 8 to 10 practice matches per month. Academy is also registered for Boards matches of Uttarakhand.

Coach- Mannu Yadav( attended Ranji Camp of Uttar Pradesh in 2016 and experience of 10 years coaching)

Amit Kumar- A very good name in Cricket in Dehradun and also represented the Uttarakhand team. 

Amardeep Sonkar- Class A cricketer for Haryana. 

Pitch Curator- Budhi Lal with a experience of 5 years

Hostel- Yes

Indoor- Yes with Night Bulbs

Gym- Yes

Cafe- Yes

Indoor- Yes

Night matches- Yes

Registration- 25000 (Pair of White and Color dresses is given)

Per month Fees- 7000

For more info- 9990457715, 7906896442

Doon Baluni Cricket Academy

Doon Baluni Cricket Academy opened in 2020. It is in Majra Dehradun. Distance from the clock tower is 7.7 km. Direction is here. It is worthy to say that the academy is almost in the center of Dehradun. 



best cricket Academy
Team at Baluni Cricket Academy

Though there are lots of best cricket academies in Dehradun but Doon Baluni Cricket Academy will be soon one of the best cricket academies in Dehradun.

Doon Baluni Cricket Academy offers per month fees in two ways. It is Rs.6000 per month and Rs.3000 per month. Students who pay Rs. 6000 thousand per month get eight practice matches per month and those who pay Rs 3000 get 4 practice matches per month. Students can do nets twice a day. Academy has three center turf wickets for practice matches, three turf and two cemented wickets for nets practice.

Coach- Shivendra Rawat (BCCI Level 1 coach) and Brijesh Yadav

Pitch Curator- Ramakant from UP and have experience of 7 years.

Cafe- Yes

Indoor- Under Construction

Hostel- Schooling plus academy.

Registration- 10000(Pair of White and Color dresses is given) & 5000(without Dresses) 

For more info- 9759597869


GSR is also one of the best cricket academies in Dehradun. GSR Cricket Academy is at Shimla ByPass road near Grass Farm. The distance from the clock tower of Dehradun to GSR Cricket Academy is 11.2 km. Direction is here. 

Vasim Jafar at GSR Cricket Academy

We can say GSR is one of the fastest growing academies of Dehradun as the academy’s name got selected for Vijay Hazare Trophy matches. Meghalaya, Puducherry and Arunachal Pradesh team had a practice session there.

GSR has three turf wickets in the center for practice matches and two wickets are yet to be prepared. The playground has two turf and 02 cement wickets for nets.  Academy has four turf and one cement wicket is for practice in Badowala also. Academy also has Indoor nets where they have four Astro wickets with night bulbs. Students get 10 practice matches per month. 


Pitch Curator- Surender Singh and Mukesh Kumar Yadav

Coach- Prosenjit Bose- BCCI level 1 coach and the topper of first Coach’s Test in Uttarakhand conducted by NCA in 2019 

Kamesh Kumar- KITES certified Coach and Coach of Sub Junior category

Sekhar Arya- attended a coach’s course organised by NCA. 

Cafe- Yes

Hostel-Yet to be started

Indoor- Yes

Registration Fees: 5000(Pair of White and Color dresses is given)

For more info- 9412954233

Abhimanyu Cricket Academy

Abhimanyu Cricket Academy has a good name in Dehradun. It is in Purkul Guniyal Gaon and the distance from the clock tower of Dehradun is 9.2 km. Direction is here. No doubt if we call it the best cricket academy among the best cricket academies in Dehradun.

Many state’s team keep visiting there for their practice sessions. The academy is fully equipped with everything one requires in a cricket academy. They provide indoor cricket with a bowling machine and live sessions with Pitch Vision. 

Academy keeps calling faculty Coaches who have experience of top level cricket. They just visit the academy, stay there for a month or two and share their experience with students. Academy has the facility of Auditorium Hall, Theatre, Spa and Gym.

Abhimanyu Cricket Academy has nine turf wickets for practice matches. Four Turf wickets and one Astro are there for net practices. 

Pitch Curator- Rakesh Kumar and Animesh(Visiting pitch Curator)

Coach- Manoj Rawat (Head Coach and BCCI Level B Coach) 

            Nitin Chhetri (BCCI Level 1 Coach)

            Pawas Bhandari (BCCI Level 1 Coach)

            Pradeep Singh (BCCI Level 1 Coach)

            Sahbaj, Coach for middle group

           Ravi Kumar(Certified Coach from KITES

            Visiting Faculty Coach- Sushil Jawle( BCCI Level B Coach)

                                                      Tushar Arothe and Vincent Vinay Kumar

Cafe- Yes

Indoor- Yes

Hostel- Yes

Night matches- Yes

Auditorium Hall- Yes

Theatre- Yes

Registration Fees- Not cleared yet but you can imagine it the most expensive in Dehradun as per the facilities given to the students. 

For more info- 9412940666

Here we completer our list of best cricket academies in Dehradun. If you have any comments regarding all these academies. Please write it down in the comment box. 

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