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Top 6 differences: Tennis Cricket and Leather Cricket

Which one is better, Tennis Cricket and Leather Cricket? Our team is going to highlight top 5 difference between Tennis Cricket and Leather Cricket.

Since long back it has become a matter of discussion that which one is better either Tennis Cricket or Leather Cricket. Actually it depends on the individual’s perception how he takes cricket in his life.

If someone wants to play it professionally he chooses to play with the seam ball that is leather ball but mind you the trend have been changing for last few year where we have seen players playing professional cricket with a Tennis ball too.

Few years back the purpose of playing cricket with the Tennis ball was only entertainment. As per now a very high level cricket tournaments of Tennis ball take place in many part of our country in which players are paid with a decent amount. There are tournaments of Tennis cricket with franchises in the major cities of India.

There are certain reasons why almost everyone starts playing cricket with the Tennis ball.

Tennis Cricket and Leather Cricket

difference between Tennis Cricket and Leather Cricket

1. Tennis cricket does not need a proper playground. Many play it even in their courtyard. Some covers terrace with the net and play Tennis Cricket. The most popular is GULLY cricket which is always plays with the Tennis ball. You have seen Indian players giving the ads of Dream 11 while playing in the gully with the Tennis ball.

2. Tennis ball cricket does not require all cricketing gears. You only need to have a pair of stumps, bat and a ball.

3. Tennis cricket is less expensive as compare to Leather ball cricket. You can buy four Tennis ball at the same price you buy one Leather ball. Bat for leather balls are quite expensive.

4. Leather ball gives serious injuries as compare to Tennis ball. It is another reason for many to play cricket with the tennis ball.

Top 6 differences between Tennis ball Cricket and Leather ball cricket

1. Leather ball has seam which helps in swinging the ball both way. Reverse Swing, In swing and Out Swing deliveries we only see in Leather ball cricket. Tennis ball does not generate swing.

2. Tennis ball gets extra bounces as compare to leather balls. That is why it is observed many cricketers practicing with the Tennis ball so that they can reply well to bouncers.

3. Timings is more important with the leather ball. Instead of timings we need to focus on power and speed of the bat while playing with tennis cricket.

4. In cricket, pitch plays a vital role. A Captain always takes decision according to the pitch. Pitch might behave differently in the second inning or in the 4th or 5th day of a test match. Pitch doest not impact that much with the tennis ball cricket.

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5. Strategies for bowling keep changing as per the ball’s condition in leather ball cricket. Whereas it does not bring that much of difference with Tennis ball.

6. Tennis ball is difficult to hit far. Second thing a batsman is compel to hit towards on side, off side or down the ground. We don’t see cut shots with Tennis ball. Batsman hardly uses the pace of the bowler, instead a batsman has to put his own power for the same.

We have lots of example of cricketers who used to play cricket with the Tennis ball before they introduce to the national team of India.

T Natrajan and Navdeep Saini is one best example of it. You must read T Natrajan Interview with the TIMES OF INIDA. “From Playing Tennis Ball Cricket To Representing India” and also Navdeep Saini’s when he said he gives credit to the Tennis ball for his speed. “Navdeep Saini credits tennis ball cricket for his speed.”

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    We Must have 22 players for a leather match … But in tennis we can play if the count is below 22.. minimum of 12 players are required in tennis cricket for a match ..

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