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Want to know Domestic Cricketers salary and earnings in India.

How much domestic cricketers salary and earnings in India? Whether they get per month salary or per match salary?

When we talk about domestic cricket it means we are talking about trophies like Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy and The Syed Mustaq Ali Trophy, ranging from all formats of the game.

For the last few years, BCCI has done a lot of changes for their domestic Cricketers for promoting cricket as a career also. Even they have done some changes in player’s pension also.

Today we are going to talk about the domestic cricketers salary and earnings in India.

Ranji Trophy:

domestic cricketers salary

Ranji Trophy is like a Test match for domestic cricketers. It is a four-day cricket match with a Red Ball. The players earn around INR 35000 per day, and cumulatively around 140000 per match.

Apart from this players also get daily allowances of INR 1000. Extra player of the team earns INR 70000 per match.

Vijay Hazare Trophy:

domestic Cricketers salary in India

Vijay Hazare Trophy is like a One Day International match. It is of 50 0ver tournaments with a white ball. The amount paid to players is the same as it is in Ranji Trophy.

Players get around INR 35000 per match and the benched players get  INR 17250 per match.

Daily allowances are the same, which is INR 1000 but when a team reaches the knock-out stage it increases up to INR 1500 per match.

Syed Mustaq Ali Trophy:

domestic cricketers salary in India

Syed Mustaq Ali Trophy format is a T20 format. A player earns INR 17500 per match with a daily allowance of INR 1000 per match.

Interestingly When a team reaches the knockout stages then players of the team earn INR 175000 per match and INR 16000 as their daily allowances.

We all know that few players were born to play shorter format of cricket. So it has become easier for the BCCI to pick the right player for the right format of the game.

Arzan Nagwaswalla and Abhimanyu Easwaran is a great example of it. They both were domestic cricketers for India.

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Arzan and Abhimanyu got selected for ICC World Test Championship in fact they did not appear in IPL.

In India, most of us follow International cricket and IPL that’s why these duos were a new name for many.

But because of their performance in Ranji, they got selected for the days format of cricket which is Test.

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    We never knew that domestic cricketers also earn such a decent amount in India

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