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How To Make Career in Cricket, 7 New Areas You Ignored

make career in cricket

You can make career in Cricket in many ways. Let’s talk about all the possible ways you can go with.

Either you play cricket or not you still can make career in Cricket. Cricket is not only a sport in fact it is a career for many. Many of us think that we can make career in cricket only if we play.

We do not only make career when we play for our national team or for state teams in fact we can make it if we play other major tournaments of BCCI.

There are many more cricket tournaments that also give you an opportunity to make career in cricket. National Cricket League, Tournaments at district level/state level also open the doors for cricketers.

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If you are a good cricketer you can make career in government jobs through sports quota. Almost all government departments have their own team. You can play for Railway, ONGC, Air India, Indian Postal Services etc.

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Apart from all these government departments, a good cricketer can also apply for multi-national companies as a player. They offer a decent amount.

Surprisingly if you will check other countries’ teams like the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and other minor countries list then you will find many Indians are there.

If you really believe in your capability and you did not get a chance in India you can also play for other countries and can earn.

Now, what if you play cricket till the age of thirty but still wandering around.  Do not lose hope you can still stay with your game. There are many more areas within a cricket where you can make career.

Any match or competition of cricket, requires an umpire, scorer, pitch curator, coach, commentator, video analyst, physio and an administrator.

You can apply for any one of them as your career. Cricket Association does not ask your cricketing skills for many of these jobs.  Sometimes they even run some crash courses for the same.

If we talk about India, BCCI takes the test of umpire, scorer, coach and video analyst.


make a career in cricket. as a coach

If you get through the test you get a level A certificate and can start your career in cricket. It also opens the door for the level B certificate test. The process keeps going the same way.

Once you have a certificate from BCCI you can run a cricket academy in your city or you can apply for a coach in any renowned academy of your city.


Make career in cricket as a Umpire

Same if you have got a certificate for Umpiring, you can register yourself in your state board association. You will be given chances for umpiring. You should read Umpire Nitin Menon story


Make career in Cricket as a Video Analyst

Video Analyst is yet another thing you can make career in cricket. You have to keep in contact with the state board association for cricket in your state.


Make career in Cricket as a Physio

If you have some higher degrees in physio with some experience with teams,  you can also apply for tests organise by BCCI for physio.


make career as a pitch curator in cricket

Pitch Curator is also can be chosen as a career. With the higher demand for cricketers, we have seen several new cricket academies in cities. Today everyone wants to join academies with a playground.

With the increasing demand of playground, pitch curator is also in demand. All major tournament organisers also hire pitch curators for their tournaments.


alankar Gautam and Upendra Panwar. Best commentator of Uttarakhand

Organisers also look for commentators. The entertainment is nowhere without a commentator. Even a low entertaining game can become more attractive with the voice of commentators.


make career as a scorer in cricket

Do you know BCCI also takes the test of scorer, and this is yet another area where you can make your career. You have to keep in contact with your state association for the coming test. Keep preparing yourself for the test.

Cricket teams also need administrators. If you have some experience of administration with teams at any level then you can apply for this part.

I hope if you want to make career in cricket this article is really going to help you. You only need in touch with your state cricket association for crash courses of above mention departments.


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Comments (12)

  1. Anonymous


    Sir I spent all my life in playing cricket. But never thought of all these possible way. I am almost over age for everything now. But yes. Going to share this with all my youngsters..

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