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Kapiva Noni Juice 1L | Includes Garcinia and Ashwagandha for Nutrient Absorption | Made from South Indian Noni | No Added Sugar

Price: ₹ 600.00 - ₹ 469.00
(as of Jul 28,2021 19:47:37 UTC – Details)

Product Description




Kapiva Noni Juice is Safe for All

The Noni fruit has been used for thousands of years in traditional Ayurvedic practices to help fight joint aches and boost energy levels in the body. Our product contains extracts from Noni that are sourced from South India. We do not add sugar, synthetic flavours or colours to our juices.

Kapiva Noni Juice – 1L

The best all-round tonic to rejuvenate your body and improve overall health

Kapiva’s Noni Juice is extracted from the fresh Noni plants, also known as the Indian Mulberry, carefully sourced all the way from South India. Noni offers an array of vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients that help rejuvenate the body, revitalise the cells and maintain overall health. Our Noni Juice is natural and does not contain any added flavours or colours.

Kapiva Noni Juice can be used in many different ways





Energy Booster

Drizzle Noni Juice, olive oil, salt and other spices over your salad.

Build Immunity

Mix 5-10 ML Noni Juice with equal parts water and consume twice a day.

Detox Your Body

Add 50 ML Noni Juice to your favourite fruit/vegetable smoothie.

Hair Wellness

Massage it onto your scalp while showering and wash out after a few minutes.

Kapiva Noni Juice has endless benefits





Revitalise and Rejuvenate

Noni helps rejuvenate the body and restoring energy.

Skin Wellness

It is a powerhouse of antioxidants that help detoxify the body. Noni helps provide maximum nourishment to the skin and helps cleanse toxins.

Increased Energy Levels

Noni helps the body to gain energy by helping digestive function and breaking down food to produce energy.

Positive Health Impact

Consuming Noni Juice daily, along with regular yoga and meditation can help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How to use Kapiva Noni Juice




Step 1:

Measure 5-10 ML Noni Juice.

Step 2:

Add an equal amount of water.

Step 3:

Consume twice a day for maximum benefits.



Noni, also known as the Indian Mulberry, is a fruit rich in powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3 and iron. It helps to build immunity, alleviate stress and helps improve quality of skin and hair. Kapiva sources the Noni fruit from South India; our juice is free of any synthetic flavours or colours to maximise the nutrition. Noni is recognised by both modern and traditional medicine for its overall positive impact on the body.

DETOXIFIER, DIGESTIVE, IMMUNITY-BUILDER: Kapiva Noni Juice contains enzymes which cleanse the internals. High levels of antioxidants like Beta-carotene, Vitamin C and Iridoids help fight free radicals, triggering better immune responses. Abundant in minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals, Noni qualifies for a superfood making it essential for healthy living. The Vitamin B3 in this Detox Juice breaks down of carbs, fats and proteins. A laxative, it also helps people with constipation issues.
YELLOW-GREEN NONI FROM TAMIL NADU: Kapiva Noni Juice uses Noni from the forests of Tamil Nadu. We handpick only the yellow-green Noni with higher nutrient concentration, and let the juice seep out naturally. It is time-consuming but is the accepted finest method for juice extraction. The natural fermentation keeps the sugar content low and gives the juice its reddish-brown colour.
ADDED ASHWAGANDHA AND GARCINIA FOR 3X BENEFIT: Kapiva Noni Juice has added Ashwagandha and Garcinia for 3x boost. These herbs help in better nutrient absorption by the body and also help fight off disease-causing germs. We make sure that the juice from Noni seeps out naturally without any chemical processing. This Ayurvedic Juice is made in GMP approved facility, and is manufactured using organically-sourced, natural ingredients, without any added sugar and taste-enhancer.
NO NASTIES, FOR SURE: This juice contains no sugar, no artificial flavours, no added colours and chemicals. Kapiva Noni Juice is GMP certified, gluten free, is totally plant-based hence vegan and also keto friendly. We have packed one of the most nutritious Noni for you in this bottle along with the colour, aroma, and nutrition, just the way nature intended! We’ve also added Ayurvedic herbs Ashwaganda and Garcinia for better absorption of nutrients of the juice.

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