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Who is The Most Technically Sound Batsman In The World

 Most Technically Sound Batsman in the world of Cricket is really a cool topic for discussion. We have names but it will end up with Virat Kohli or Kane Williamson. 

The world of cricket has lots of good batsman. Today we will have a look on who is the most technically sound batsman in the world of cricket. Some of them may not be good with their technique but they have always been the first choice of audience. MS Dhoni, Chris Gayle, Andrew Symonds and Andre Russel is the best example of it. But today we are going to talk about class and technique of a batsman. Still people love to watch cover drive with the band knees rather than watching sixes. In todays cricket, number of cricketer are there who have been the first choice of cricket lovers but technically sound batsman is something we all love to watch. 

In this article we are going to highlight most technically sound batsman of the present world who have been wonderful and impressive in all formats of cricket. When it comes to class and technique Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson are our first pick. Of course, Steven Smith is also there but moreover he is an unorthodox batsman. Apart from these trio we have players like Rohit Sharma, Babar Azam and Joe Root. If we add technically sound batsman from last decade then we may add Kumar Sangakara, Miachel Beven, Damyn Martin, Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar too. 

most technically sound batsman of the world

most technically sound batsman in the world

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We look for our readers comments. I know the battle is tough to tell who is the most technically sound batsman of the world but only few of you can tell us, who really is a best one among all and why. Your answers might bring something unexpected for you. So don’t forget to subscribe for latest debate and contest on our site. 

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  1. Anonymous


    What about Joe Root sir. You should add Joe Root in this list instead of Sachin Tendulkar.. Sachin’s era was different

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