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Oriley ORAMS4P Mask Adjuster Strap Adjustable Masks Extender Hook Anti Slip Extension Clip Holder Buckle for Relieving Ear Pressure (5 PCS, Random Color)

Price: ₹ 100.00
(as of Jun 05, 2021 22:55:51 UTC – Details)

Oriley adjustable anti-slip ear strap hook is the good choice for you to wear along with your face mask that contains earloops as it will relieve the pain and pressure around your ears. This little magic strap extender is a lifesaver for making your strap fit better. It extends the length of your mask to convert it for head wearing.
EASY TO USE: It only takes a few seconds to replace the buckle. After wearing one side of the mask, pull one of the washable mask bands to hook the expander accessory, and then complete the other side.
EASY TO CARRY: This lightweight mask extension hook is suitable for work, school, hospital, supermarket, running, cycling, hiking, outdoor and group activities.
EASY TO WASH: Adopt waterproof material to quickly clean the dust or dirt on the surface.
FASHIONABLE DESIGN: Light weight, tasteless, durable, easy to clean and reusable, long use life.
BROAD ADAPTABILITY: 3 level adjustable, comfort design, Suit for various kinds of straps and people, fit perfectly for the head.

Feature: Hypoallergenic, Adjustable Design
Material: Food Grade PP
Color: Orange, Black, White (Random Delivery)
Each Size: 16 cm x 1.5 cm
Each Weight: 10g

3 ADJUSTABLE POSITIONS: The offered adjustment buckle has 3 positions which can be adjusted freely according to the size of your head shape and fit to most of people for reducing the pain and pressure of long time wearing.
MASK TIGHTNESS SOLVING: If you cannot find a large mask that is suitable for you and then feel too tightly? The mask hook is suitable for extending its length. It is a perfect choice for persons with big face who don’t find suitable masks.
SAFE & SECURE: This mask ear strap hook is made of food grade PP so it will not be distorted or discolored by wearing for a long time. Also, it will not make your skin irritated, and it won’t break even with rigorous use.
EASY TO USE: Just attach the hooks on the extender to your strap loop then use another strap loop hooks on your extender to attach to the hook loops on another side of the extender. Suits well for all adult head sizes.
Included Components: 5 Pcs Mask Strap

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