Raw Pressery Sugarcane Juice (4 x 1000ml) Rich in Vitamins & Minerals, Natural Energizer & Immunity Booster, Healthy Juice, No Added Sugar

Price: ₹880.00 - ₹792.00
(as of Jul 15,2022 10:22:18 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Raw Pressery Basic Juice RangeRaw Pressery Basic Juice Range

Valencia Orange JuiceValencia Orange Juice


Get a sunshine start to your day with perfectly squeezed Valencia oranges, with dietary fibres + vitamin C. Probably the best orange juice you have ever had! Available in 250ml and 1 liter.

Pomegranate Fruit JuicePomegranate Fruit Juice


Our Pomegranate juice is a crowd favorite. Our Anaar has the sweet juice of the pulp without the bitterness of the seeds. Enjoy this healthy heart delight. Available in 250ml and 1 liter.

Sugarcane JuiceSugarcane Juice


The original pressed juice. Bring back childhood with our Ganne ka Rass but without the Fuss (& worries about hygiene!) squeezed till the last juicy drop. With added tangy lemon, this one will hit home. Available in 250ml and 1 liter.

Mixed Fruit JuiceMixed Fruit Juice


We believe that more is merrier, so we packed the goodness of Sugarcane to keep you naturally energized, Guava for Vitamin C and much more in this delicious mixed fruit juice. Available in 200ml and 1 liter.

Valencia Orange JuiceValencia Orange Juice

Pomegranate Fruit JuicePomegranate Fruit Juice

Sugarcane JuiceSugarcane Juice

Mixed Fruit JuiceMixed Fruit Juice

Not from concentrateNot from concentrate

No Added colorNo Added color

Natural energizerNatural energizer

No added sugarNo added sugar

Valencia Orange JuiceValencia Orange Juice

Pomegranate fruit juicePomegranate fruit juice

Sugarcane JuiceSugarcane Juice

Mixed fruit JuiceMixed fruit Juice


Oranges are loaded with Vitamin C that is an essential micronutrient for multiple functions of the body.

The pulp of the orange is where the fiber is at. Fiber is great for digestion as it adds good roughage.


Pomegranate seeds are packed with plant based components known as polyphenols, making the fruit highly antioxidant in nature. Pomegranate is known to have almost 3x more antioxidants than green tea. It is also high in Vitamin C and has anti-inflammatory properties.


Sugarcane Juice is one of the best ways to energize yourself. It helps in replenishing body sugar levels and ensure you stay hydrated. The alkaline nature of sugarcane helps in maintaining the body electrolyte levels balance and is considered a natural treatment for liver alignments.


In addition in to strengthening your immune system, fruit juices aid in digestion and prevents ailments. Juices act as detoxifying agents, flushing out toxins from the body and assisting in weight loss.

RAW Pressery Juices and Dairy RangeRAW Pressery Juices and Dairy Range

Energize yourself with refreshing Sugarcane juice with the flavour of tangy lemon.

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