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Shomex 62 mm Flower Lens Hood Screw Mount for Canon Nikon Sony Olympus Pentax & All Other Digital SLR Cameras

Price: ₹ 1,092.00 - ₹ 242.00
(as of Jun 20,2021 22:20:41 UTC – Details)

Product Description



SHOMEX- Camera Accessories

Lens Hood

Lens Hood


Shomex is a brand that caters to all your Photographic needs. We have almost all types of Photographic accessories that you can think of. Our products are very Innovative products and are in an affordable range.

Our products are PROUDLY MADE IN INDIA.

We sell a wide range of accessories needed for digital cameras, camcorders, drones, telescopes, binoculars, photographic equipment, and accessories.

We take care of customer’s needs as well as offer competitive prices on all of our products. If you’re looking for something related to your next photographic shoot then you have reached the right place.

All types of Lens hoods that are compatible with all cameras.
Different options in Lens Cleaning Kit will keep your camera in good condition.
Wide range of Lens Filters available to protect your Camera lens.



UV Protection Lens Filter

UV protection Filter available in different sizes 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82
Reduces ultraviolet light and helps eliminate bluish cast in images
Protects lens from dust, dirt and scratches
Ideal for outdoor photography
Designed for everyday protection and can remain on the camera at all times

Lens Hood- It prevents extraneous and unwanted lights to fall on the lens. It saves the lens from accidental bumps and knocks. The petal shape of this lens hood maximizes the amount of hood coverage.



Lens Hood

Lens Hood

Lens Hood

Lens Hood

Tulip Shaped Flower Lens Hood for CANON

Reversible lens hood 58MM
Suitable for all Lenses which accept 58MM Filters
Good quality Plastic lens hood

Bayonet Lens Hood for NIKON

Designed specifically for the Nikon 18-55mm G VR II DX AF-S Lens
Keeps stray light, lens flaring, and ghosting to a minimum
Produces more saturated images

Flower Lens Hood Screw Mount for Canon Nikon Sony Olympus Pentax & All Other Digital SLR Cameras

The hood features a non-glare matte finish on the interior surface it prevents or limits lens flare.

Lens Filter

Lens Filter

Lens Filter-Perfect for changing the mood of a picture.

Full-color filters provide a complete color transition for a smooth blending effect. Give your landscape and skin texture a more colorful touch.

lens cleaning kit

lens cleaning kit

SHOMEX Lens Cleaner Kit- With multipurpose use



Essential Lenses And Necessary Accessories

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