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Who is Best? Virat Kohli vs Babar Azam

who is best between Virat and Kohli

Who is best, Virat Kohli and Babar Azam? It is difficult to say but we have highlighted them in this article.

We all cricket lovers have our own favorite players. We like to watch them playing in all formats. We keep debating with our friends and colleagues about our favorite one. But one who always comes up with the stats of his favorite player always wins such debates. Let’s talk about who is best between Virat and Babar.

One of the biggest cricketing debates in recent times is between Virat Kohli and Babar Azam. Though it is not fair to compare Babar Azam with Virat Kohli as Babar did not even appear in half of the total matches played by Virat Kohli in all formats of Cricket. The following data will clear your doubts.

Who is best between Virat and Babar

In the above mention image, it is clear that Babar did not play half of the total matches in all formats of cricket.

Babar Azam is placed on the top of the ICC T20I Batsmen’s rankings and he occupied the ranking ever since the start of 2018. Notably, Virat skipped few T20 series against lower-ranked teams which pushed him down in his T20 rankings.

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But still, it is difficult to say who is best between Kohli and Azam. Kohli is well known for his chasing capability. He has a number of records on his name while chasing down the target.

In the present scenario, Babar kept achieving all the milestones of cricket faster than Virat in all formats of cricket. He reached to fastest 1000 runs in all three formats faster than Kohli with a higher average than Kohli.

Babar completed 1000 ODI Runs in 21 innings whereas Virat completed 1000 Runs in 24 innings. After 80 ODIs Babar scored 3808 Runs at an average of 56.86 whereas Virat scored 3079 Runs at an average of 45.95 after completion of 80 ODI matches.

If we talk about who is best in Test Cricket, here Babar also ahead of Kohli after completion of 31 Test matches. Babar scored 2167 Runs at an average of 44.42 with 5 hundred and 16 fifties whereas Virat scored 2111 runs at the end of 31 Test at an average of 43.08 with 7 hundred and 9 fifties.

Many say Babar should be on the list of Fab Four of modern cricket which includes Joe Root, Kane Williamson, Steve Smith, and Virat Kohli. But maybe he is not listed as he did not play that much cricket as compare to these players.

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A lot of things depend on the consistency of Babar’s batting in the coming year. We all know that every cricketer faces a bad form in his cricket career which directly affects his overall records.

Maybe with the passage of time, Babar will have to face the same situation and all his position may go down.

Readers, we are waiting for your comments on who is best among Virat and Babar.














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Comments (4)

  1. Vineet yadav


    Bhaiya Ek point aur hai fav 4 mai na Aane kai ki Pakistan mostly Match Zimbabwe Afganishtan and Bangladesh se khelti wo bhi Dubai Mai overseas condition mai baber azam kA record kuch khass Nhi hi ..

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