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Who Is The Best All Rounder In The World

Who is the best all rounder in the world?  

Today we are going to highlight some of the best all rounders of the world. Our team has picked up few names for the given title but the list for allrounders don’t end here. It’s you who can give us feedback regarding the topic.

Cricket is a game of Bat,Bowl and fielding skills. Some players are really good with bat and some of them are good with bowl. But only few of them are equally good with bat and bowl. There was time in cricket when players are specially assigned  for the single task either with the bat or with the bowl.  By the end of late 80s there were only few names in this list and the list was toped by West Indian’s legend Sir Gary Sobers followed by Kapil Dev and Wasim Akram.

In the every format of cricket, all rounders play a vital role in the team. South Africa entered again in the International cricket after the ban of almost twenty years in 1991. And they came with the bunch of good all rounders. They were extremely good in their first World Cup and impressed the world with their game. In last decade of 19th century.

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South Africa was the most equipped team with all rounders like Capler Vassels, Hanse Cronze, Jacques Kallis, Lance klusner and Shaun Pollock. When other teams were lacking of all rounders it was South Africa who dominated the world because of those all rounders of South Africa. Not only the shorten format of  cricket, these all rounders really help their team mates in days matches and give their strike bowlers enough time to recover for their second spell. We have selected few names and leaving others for our readers.

ANDRE RUSSEL: RUSSEL MUSSEL is what people call him. A real monster of shorter format of cricket. Someone who is able to send any delivery to the stands. The one who scored sixes in Yorker deliveries too. Though almost every West Indians are such a powerful hitters but he is really exceptional. He played only a test for West Indies and appeared  for West Indies for few one day matches. He has proved his skills and power in T20 format but we can not underestimate Andre in other formats too. He stands on number five in our list. To know more about Andre Russell.

best all rounder in the world

Andre Russel One of the best hitter in the world and can change the result of the game with his bat

HARDIK PANDYA: A must awaited player for Indian team. India was a team who never had an all rounder like Hardik Pandya. In the initial stage of his career it looked like that he is not a player for the longer format. But apart from T20 he had proved himself in the longer format of cricket too. His strength is his timing.

When the world was talking about power he came ahead and made the world watch sending bowls into the stands and sometimes out of the stadium with his timings. His most impressive innings have been played in IPLs. Though he has an average of below 40 in test and one day matches but he is still a threat for his opponents.  We put him on number four. To know more about, click here Hardik Pandya

best all rounder in the world


BEN STOKES: A name could become the reason of New Zealand defeat in  Cricket World Cup 2019. He was completely broke when he was smashed 4 sixes in the last over  in the T20 World Cup by Carlos Braithwaith. But a true sportsman is the one who learn from his mistakes and look forward for the next game. Ben Stokes is a very important member of the team for all formats of cricket. England’s historic win against Australia, when Ben Stoke added 78 runs for the last wicket, was remarkable.

Stokes was the highest paid player in IPL 2018. His batting average is 34 and 40 in test and one day cricket respectively. He had played 63 test matches so far for England and took 147 wickets which is impressive figure. In one day matches he took 70 wickets in 95 matches. We put him on number three. To read more, click here Ben Stokes

best all rounder in the world

Ben Stokes:Real hero of CWC 2019

SHAKIB AL HASAN: Shakib was such a player who could not attract the cricket media with his game. Major reason is that he represent Bangladesh who could never bring themselves in the top 5 teams of ICC. But he caught enough attention in 2019 CWC. He is the only player in the world who scored 500 plus runs and took 10 wickets in a single edition of any World Cup. In fact Shakib is the fastest to the double of 250 wickets and 6000 runs only in 202 matches while the next one in the list is Shahid Afridi who did the same in 294 matches.

Shakib’s batting average is 39.40 and 39.46 in test and one day matches respectively. He has 210 wickets on his name in test and 260 wickets in one day. So he is on number two. To know more about, read here. Shakib Al Hasan 

Shakib Al Hasan: Sensation of World Cup 2019

JACQUES KALLIS: Jacques Kallis is the only all rounder in the world who has an batting average of 40 plus in Test and One day cricket. In fact his test average is 55.37 after playing 150 plus test matches. It makes him one of the best all rounder in the world. His bowling figure is also impressive in both the formats. In both formats he has more than 250 wickets. He has been the back bone of South Africans for almost two decades. It is not easy for an all rounder to have a carrier of eighteen years.

Though Kallis role as a bowler diminishes with each passing year but still he had a good swing and desired bouncer in his shoulders. He has always been a wonderful test batsman for South Africa and also plays a vital role in bowling. He is number one in our list. To know more about click here Jacques Kallis.

Best all rounder in the world

Jacques Kallis is one of the best all rounder in the world

There are other all rounders too around the world. We would like to know the feedback of our readers. This is the place where we cricket fans can have open discussion. Waiting for your comments…..


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