Indian Women Cricketers Salary & reasons behind their less salary

Women Cricketers earnings and salary in India

How much women cricketers earnings and salary in India and what is the new salary package set for them by BCCI.

Also learn why women cricketers paid less in comparison of men cricketers.

In our last article, we discussed the salary of domestic cricketers. Today we will through some light on Indian Women Cricketers earnings and salary in India.

Cricket is not only the game in India in fact it gives you a good income of source even you don’t represent the Indian team.

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BCCI has divided cricketers into three main categories which are Grade A, Grade B and Grade C. Women cricketers earnings and salary in India depends on their grade.

Grade A gets the maximum amount and Grade C gets the least. It is a kind of contract for players which keeps changing every year as per their performances.

Here we are going to highlight the latest contract which is in force from October 2020 to September 2021.

The omission of Ekta Bisht from all categories and the promotion of Shefali Verma from Grade C to Grade B brought attention to the latest contracts. Let’s have a look.

women cricketers salary in India

You will be amazed to know the salary package for the men’s Indian team in the same category. It is very high as compare to women cricketers of the Indian team.

A male player of Grade A gets 5 crores per year while in the same category female player gets 50 lakh.

There are few reasons why male cricketers get a huge amount from BCCI.  First You must have seen companies’ ads on a player’s dress like BYJU’S logo, Oppo’s logo.

The advertising rights of the men’s team are sold at very higher prices.

Second, the media rights and the hoardings put in place in the stadium during a match of the male team give good income to BCCI.

Third, The matches played by the men’s team fetch huge crowds which brings a huge amount through ticket money.

BCCI generates a modest amount through men’s matches and their advertisements so the BCCI pays them back equally.

Women cricketers earnings and salary in India only depend on their game.


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  1. Neeraj


    Fourth: men’s cricketers play a huge amount of cricket throughout the year as compared to women.

  2. Akshit bhaty


    Bhai very good i got knowledgeable thing about cricket nice block you are
    Written 👍👍👍👍

  3. Akshit bhatt


    Bhai very good i got knowledgeable thing about cricket nice block you are
    Written 👍👍👍👍

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